Kickboxing World Championship for Cadets and Juniors (WAKO).


In the city of Lido di Jesolo (Italy), from 15th to 23rd September 2018, the World Kickboxing Championship among cadets and juniors (WAKO) was held.
2,300 participants from 10 to 18 years old from 67 countries of five continents competed in 7 sections of this sport. From our club, 3 athletes joined the Estonian national team: Artjom Kitšinski, Robert Grinchuk and Maxim Taraskin. As a result of labourious work, we managed to get two awards: in the ring (low-kick) + 81kg and tatami (kick-light) -69kg!

Robert Grinchuk- 3rd place, low-kick + 81kg,

Artjom Kitšinski – 3rd place, kick-light -69kg

Taraskin Maxim – 5th place, kick-light +69kg

I would like to express my gratitude to our coach, Alexander Lanberg, because the good results of our athletes depended on his work.

Congratulations to athletes!

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