Club History

The history of our school is rooted in the distant past of 1987, It is exactly then that the development and popularisation of eastern martial arts began in Estonia. In its modern form, our school “Jyoshinmon” has existed since the mid-2000’s.

To date, our club is one of the three strongest schools of karate and kickboxing in Estonia. We regularly have approximately 100 athletes in various age groups.

The main advantage of our school is that all our pupils have the opportunity to study a variety of martial arts: karate, kobudo (traditional Okinawan weapons), grappling, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, kickboxing, close combat and the foundations of self-defence.

There are practically no such schools in Estonia and Tallinn. That is why a lot of adults and children, whose goal is to learn martial arts, to become healthier, stronger and tougher, choose us.

People come to our school with a range of goals and aspiration: some simply do it “for themselves”, but some want to achieve considerable success in competitions and championships, in which our students regularly take prizes and gain valuable experience.

Training sessions are held several times a week, the schedule is very flexible, so that every athlete can devote enough time to their studies. Classes are held in the city centre (karate and grappling) and in the Mustamäe area (karate, grappling and kickboxing).

In training, our experienced coaches teach adults and young athletes beginners’ acrobatics (flips, rolls, etc.), general physical training (push-ups, press exercises, squats, etc.), special physical preparation and fighting technique directly.

We always devote a lot of time and attention to communication with the parents of our young students. You can always contact us and discuss any issues, we will gladly advise mums and dads and explain all the incomprehensible moments associated with training sessions, competitions and general moments in training.

The main goal of our club is the development of a harmonious, healthy and strong personality in children and adults. After all, sport helps to develop many necessary and useful qualities, and we, in turn, help them to achieve this.


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