The Open Karate Tournament “For the prizes from the Moscow Jyoshinmon Shorin-ryu Karate Federation” in Memory of Hero of the Soviet Union Ye.V. Vysotsky

On 21 April the Open Karate Tournament for the Prizes from the Moscow Federation of Jyoshinmon Shorin Ryu Karate” in Memory of the Hero of the Soviet Union E.V. Vysotsky was held.

The tournament attracted clubs from Russia, Ukraine and Estonia.

In the team classification our  Karatekas took 3rd place.

They won 4 gold, 1 silver and 4 bronze medals:

1st place: Aleksandr Lanberg – (kata 35+); Alesja Mazur – (kata girls 12-13 years old), Kirill Zinovkin– (kata boys 10-11 years old), Alesja Mazur – (Sanbon kumite girls 12-13 years old, absolute category)

2nd place: Viktor Volkov – (kata 12-13 year old boys);

3rd place: David Šimkunas (Kata 10-11 year old boys and Sanbon Kumite 10-11 year old boys -45kg),  Victor Volkov – (Sanbon Kumite 12-13 year old boys -55kg), Maksim Zinovkin – (Ippon-Kumite 16-17 year old teenagers 65+ kg);

Our judges Maksim Laptejko and Alexey Ustinov worked at the competitions, as well as club president Aleksandr Lanberg.





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