Tallinn Championship 2018

On 20 October 2018 the Championship of Tallinn for Karate took place. The guys from our club won 6 gold, 4 silver and 2 bronze medals, taking 3rd place in the team competition.

Lanberg Aljona — 1st place kumite and 2nd place kata.

Mazur Alesja —  1st place kata and 2nd place kumite.

Vitol Anna — 1st place kumite.

Šimkunas David — 1st place kumite and 3rd place kata.

Volkov Viktor — 1st place kumite.

Grintshuk Robert — 1st place kumite.

Zinovkin Kirill — 2nd place kumite and 3rd place kata.

Zinovkin Kirill — 2nd place kumite.


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