Grappling Grappling Grappling

intelligent form of combat

Grappling is an intelligent form of combat. Grappling provides a technical arsenal for an athlete, which uses the strength of the opponent against them.

Combat based on positions allows you to free yourself from any grips, to hold the opponent with a targeted hold to painful effect or a chokehold. This very new form of martial art was invented on the basis of the techniques of sambo wrestlers, judokas, and the fighters of Brazilian jiu-jitsu (the latter is considered a related style). Grappling is suitable for developing an ideal sense of balance and teaches you to distribute your own weight and that of your partner during the fight through clever uses of leverage and movements and in doing so the athlete is 100% focused on the correct and fast reaction to the movements of the opponent.

An important feature of grappling is to maintain a sleek, sporty condition, which makes it impossible to grab the opponent by their clothing.

Grappling provides a technical arsenal for an athlete, which uses the strength of the opponent against them.

Ideal start to martial arts

Grappling can be considered to be the perfect starting point for subsequent pursuit of any martial art. During the fight against any blows are banned, which makes grappling one of the safest power sports, which means that your child grows rapidly both physically and intellectually.
The famous coach and Olympic gold medallist Dan Gable once said: “If you have fought – everything else in life will be easy.” Combat can teach a person hard work and personal responsibility.

Grappling require self-control and causes you to care for your body, because in this it is important to not only to be able to run, jump and throw, but use elements of acrobatics and gymnastics for a successful outcome in a match.

Grappling in our school

In our class each athlete is trained in the basics of grappling, regardless of the style they choose, after all, this type of martial art provides comprehensive development for the student: physical fitness, endurance, patience and also the ability to think outside the box during a fight. The best fighters from the UFC triumphantly ended their fights with a painful or suffocating technique, which is also taught by the art of grappling. Classes for grapplers develop unyielding psychological resistance in a person to any impact. The wrestler understands that the outcome of the bout depends only on them alone – this teaches you not to shift responsibility for your results and prospects to other people.

Grappling is discipline and self-control. A person learns to control their weight, eat right, concentrate on important little things and extract the most benefit from any life situation. Bruce Lee said: “I’m not afraid of someone who studies 10,000 kicks. I’m afraid of someone who studies one kick 10,000 times.” Successful athletes practising grappling can work on one technique for a long time and sharpen it again and again, which in the end will produce the maximum benefit, both during the fight and in later life.



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Approximately 100 athletes in various age groups Approximately 100 athletes in various age groups

One of the three strongest schools of karate and kickboxing in EstoniaOne of the three strongest schools of karate and kickboxing in Estonia

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