Aleksandr Lanberg

Aleksandr Lanberg is the head of our school. He is a professional athlete with the highest level of sporting education, a experienced coach and multiple champion of Estonia in karate, as well as a winner and prize-winner at many international competitions and championships. He has more than 26 years coaching experience.

Alexander started practising martial arts in early childhood. And he became interested in coaching for the first time still in his youth. In 2008 Aleksandr became the head of a large movement to popularise karate, kick-boxing, grappling and MMA in Estonia.

Today, Aleksandr is a successful and beloved coach and mentor to his students. Over the years he has trained more than 100 champions of Estonia and in European and international competitions, as well as many coaches who have already become popular and professional mentors. Aleksandr maintains a strong connection with all of his graduates, as well as with current students. Many of his past pupils bring their children to train with their respected coach.

“I always try to find an individual approach for every child and adult who came to classes, to correctly direct them and help them to achieve their goals. First of all, playing sports is a key to a healthy spirit and a healthy body, you must always remember this and take care of yourself. For a child, being involved in karate, kickboxing, grappling or MMA is excellent training that will be useful both in the present and in the future.

After all, single combat helps a person stay healthy for many years, and also develops a strong personality in every athlete. I recommend to all parents that they consider how to instil an interest in sport in their children and, in particular, in combat sports, which are taught perfectly in our unique and one-of-a-kind club.”


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