• WAKO European Kickboxing championship prizewinner
  • WAKO World Kickboxing championship prizewinner
  • Double vice champion of WAKO European Kickboxing championship


Artur started practicing martial arts at the age of 7, at first karate was his initial choice. He performed at various competitions and contests up to the age of 13, achieving both success and excellent results. A little later, he moved onto kickboxing , and because of this, he got into the Estonian team, defended the honour of the country several times and won first and top places in the European and World Championships.

Artur became interested in coaching at the age of 15, periodically replacing the main coach, he taught karate and kick-boxing to younger age groups. From this time he began to go to seminars and trainings in different countries in order to gain valuable knowledge from the most notable and experienced martial arts masters. At the moment, Artur conducts training for groups of all ages, from the smallest athletes to adult fighters.

I believe that martial arts, first and foremost, teaches discipline. Many values, both family and moral, are take root through sport, because this is how a person learns to overcome himself, adapting himself to real life and to all its conditions. Child-athletes respond much faster to everything that happens, and adopt a more balanced approach to making various decisions. In addition, one should not underestimate how children, being engaged in martial arts, develop physically and morally.


Artur especially appreciates classes with children, it is very important for him to see how young athletes learn, apply their knowledge and achieve significant results. The coach gets along well with the guys thanks to his impressive experience: Artur has two younger sisters and a brother, so he knows how to find an approach for children of all ages like no other.

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