The style of karate  Jyoshinmon Shorin-ryu  is unique and one of a kind, because it includes: proper  karate  kata and kumite techniques, kobudo techniques (possession of traditional weapons), saitai (energy and manual complexes) and tameshiwari (breaking up solid objects with unprotected parts of the body). None of the known styles of karate have such a structure. In our club, guys can try out other martial arts. Our club is one of the strongest  kickboxing clubs  in Estonia, being a member of the Estonian Kickboxing Federation  WAKO. Also, our club is the organiser of the competitions to  grappling, where children from jujitsu and judo clubs take part, contributing to the development of this sport in Estonia.

In our club, everyone can do everything, choosing, depending on personal preferences and opportunities, the appropriate training and go forward on the path of learning martial arts.

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