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how to register in the city electronic system

Dear parents! It is obligatory to register athletes 7-17 years of age in the city electronic system.

Step 1

Login to the system via your ID card or Mobiil-ID for residents of Tallinn and choose Jyoshinmon.

Step 2

On the left side click Uus kinnitus, then Sporditegevuse toetus.

Step 3

In the window that appears register the child in the Jyoshinmon Karate Club by clicking kinnitatud for the current and following year.

If you have been registered in the club THIS year, then Jah will already appear, then sign-up only for NEXT year.

If THIS year you have been registered at another club, you must press Tuhista, and re-register for the Jyoshinmon club for THIS year and NEXT year.

Step 4

Jah appears. This means that you have successfully registered.