Falco Cup, EKF 2nd stage

On 11.11.17  the karate tournament  Falko Cup, stage EKL was held in Tartu. About 150 sportsmen from 11 Estonian clubs competed at the competition. Our club took 3rd place in the team classification: 6 gold medals, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals. The winners were:

1st place: (KATA) - Alesja Mazur, Kirill Zinovkin
 (KUMITE) - Alesja Mazur , Kirill Zinovkin, David Šimkunas, Robert Grintshuk
2nd place: (KATA) - David Šimkunas
 (KUMITE) - Viktor Volkov
3rd place: (KUMITE) – Alesja Mazur, Maksim Zinovkin
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