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Ikeda Hoshu

Apr 29, 2024

Ikeda Hoshu
So-Shihan Ikeda (Ikeda Hoshu) was born on March 18, 1942 in China while his father was serving there. It was in China that he developed an interest in martial arts, but he began practicing them seriously in Japan, in the city of Kagoshima. At the age of 12, Ikeda became a student of master Isamu Tamotsu, who headed the All Japan Shorinjiryu Karate Federation. Training under Tamotsu in Renshinkan, which translates to “House of Consciousness Training,” Ikeda grew into one of the school’s top fighters within a few years. In 1965, he had the honor of accompanying Tamotsu on a trip to China, where he became familiar with various branches of Chinese wu-shu. This trip dramatically changed his views. Upon his return, Ikeda began to study the fundamentals of Oriental medicine and philosophy, dabbled in classical Japanese and Chinese martial arts texts and works of history, and became a member of the Japan Budo Scientific Society. After moving to Tokyo, he opened the Jyoshin Ikeda Dojo, the “Hall of Unshakable Consciousness of Mentor Ikeda,” in the Remma neighborhood, where he was active in teaching. In 1969, Ikeda founded a new karate school, Jyoshinmon. In 1975 he published the book “Modern Karate of the Ancient Style”, which became a manifesto and program for the development of this style.
The book can be downloaded